Relationship Boost: Keep In Touch

Baptism 063One of the easiest ways to boost your relationships, whether it may be with a friend, family member, colleague, etc., is to keep in touch.  This may seem like a simple act with minimal effect, but it will truly enhance any of your relationships from those with whom you are the closest to casual acquaintances.

One of our FMPR Scholars has kept in touch with us regularly for years.  We ask each of our recipients to send us an update of their schooling at the end of the year that they received our award. So they are  only required to contact us once.  This didn’t stop this one particular Scholar from keeping in touch after every semester as she pursued her degree.  We loved receiving the letters from her.  Her mom would also email us updates and photos from time to time.  When they wrote, they would always express gratitude for our scholarship.  Because we developed a relationship with her and her mother over the years as they continued to reach out to us, we decided to award her with an additional scholarship.  This individual has become so special to us, and we’ll do whatever we we can to help her succeed.  Our feelings for her were cultivated through her constant communication with us.   (more…)

Collaboration: ‘Downtown Abbey’ and wine

red_wine_glass_clip_art_13203We often encourage our clients to collaborate with other businesses or organizations to expand their reach, leverage positives, and produce win-wins. We came across an article on that features how a wine company saw an opportunity to maximize the popularity of the hit TV show “Downtown Abbey” and created a “Downtown Abbey” wine. This is exactly what we mean by collaborating to win. How can your business collaborate or form a partnership to benefit both parties and increase sales, visibility, loyalty, etc.?

When considering a collaboration, remember:

  • The collaboration can be short term, such as co-hosting an event, or longer term such as a product collaboration like the “Downtown Abbey” wine.
  • Be open to collaborating with others outside your usual circle. Collaborations don’t have to stay within industries or between like organizations. As long as both parties will benefit, go for it!
  • Only partner with organizations that hold fast to the same values as you do, such as great customer service, fair pricing, etc., so that you maintain your brand and reputation.
  • Put everything in writing so that each party is clear about expectations and responsibilities and to ensure a successful partnership.

Read the full article “Debut ‘Downtown Abbey’ wines are fit for a lord” on

The Holidays Are A Time For Giving

donationIt’s that time of the year when people start delivering their holiday cards, gifts and well-wishes for the new year. And every year, it seems to be a struggle when it comes to figuring out what you are going to give or send. When you feel like you have exhausted every option out there, do you ask yourself, “what can I do differently this year?”



Are You Linked?

LinkedInlogoThere are so many social media options these days, though for professionals, few have the benefits of LinkedIn, without the downsides.

LinkedIn started out in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman in 2002 and the site officially launched in 2003. At the end of the first month in operation, LinkedIn had a total of 4,500 members in the network.  As of February 2012, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 150 million members in over 200 countries and territories.  To us, this makes having a LinkedIn profile as basic as being a member of your local Chamber of Commerce. (more…)

The Right PR Slice

RightSliceWe “like” The Right Slice. On Facebook. And otherwise.  The company makes deep dish pies with hand-rolled butter crusts filled to the brim with local Kaua`i ingredients. They’ve got a nice website and are astute in their social media interaction. Recently, they placed an offer on their Facebook page asking for “volunteers” to test a bake-at-home pie and provide feedback about their experience. (more…)

What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

We’ve been in business for 11 years now.  We’ve had our share of ups and downs but overall, we’ve been very fortunate to have a thriving business that has met both our financial and personal needs. One of the greatest lessons we’ve learned, especially recently as we move into our twelfth year, is that to achieve your goals you have to have a “make it or break it” mindset. In other words, go for it, all out, no regrets.  Give it everything you have now.

This is important particularly when it comes to PR. Public relations is often one of those things that comes second to business operations.  And yet, relating to your publics well must go hand-in-hand with your everyday operations.  If you’re not forging good relationships and improving the ones you have every day through every interaction, then your business may eventually fizzle out and your operations will be for naught.

If you have a list of PR or promotional ideas for your business, either written or in your head, pick the top three and implement them. Be clear about your goals, do the best job you can, and enjoy the process of building strong relationships with the people that matter most to your business success.

So what are you waiting for? Your public is waiting. Reach out to them today.

Be On It

Man on WorldA few weeks ago when the market declined in response to the Federal Reserve’s move to help stimulate the economy, many people who had investments in the stock market panicked. We didn’t have to though, and that was because our financial advisor was “on it.”

Shortly after the market declined, we received an email from our financial advisor explaining the reasons for the decline, noting that it was predicted, and offering reassurance about next steps in terms of our investments. This told us that we may not be able to predict what the market will do, but we know our financial advisor is paying attention and watching carefully over our money, and will provide thoughtful advice and how we could respond.

Times are uncertain, for sure, in many sectors of our economy and for many businesses.  In response, consumers are unsure. Apply what our financial advisor did for us and demonstrate to your customers that you’re “on it.” Tell them that you know what’s going on and that you know what to do about it in terms of your business.  Communicate in a timely manner, right on the cusp of economic events that affect your business, keep your customers in the loop, and give them reason to patron you over your competitors.

5 Reasons to Have a Fact Sheet

number_5There inevitably comes a time in every client interaction in which we recommend that they create a fact sheet, also known as an information paper or white paper. The fact sheet is one of the most simple, effective pieces of corporate communication. Why? Here are five good reasons.

(1) Fact sheets are short. The rule of thumb is to keep a fact sheet to one page. One page is all you need to communicate the key messages about your company or one of your company’s products, services or issues. One page is also all that people will read. No one has the time or wants to read long content. If your fact sheet is bleeding over to two pages, revise it and revise it again until it’s one page.  Take out all unnecessary points and words.  If you’re finding it impossible to get your fact sheet to one page, chances are good that you need another fact sheet to tackle a portion of the information.  Whatever you do, don’t make the font miniscule to pare down the text. (more…)

Event Promotion Packages

events collageThe success of an event greatly relies on its marketing and promotion. In fact, in our previous blog post, we discuss the recent article about the Philadelphia Orchestra’s bankruptcy filing, the organization’s President Alison Vulgamore said, “…We actually have not marketed our concerts very well, and not spent sufficient funds on marketing.”

We want all businesses and organizations to succeed with their events. To that end, we offer Event Promotion Packages ranging from $1,500 to $5,000. If your event needs a larger-scale, customized PR plan, we can do that as well, or add services to the set packages (priced separately). Depending on your budget and staffing, our job ranges from guiding you through the implementation to coordinating all of it.

Contact us today at to request our Event Promotion Packages price list and to find out how we can help you meet your event’s attendance and financial goals.

Orchestra Bankruptcy Could Have Been Avoided with Marketing

orchestraRecently the Philadelphia Orchestra, an institution in the City of Brotherly Love, announced that it was declaring bankruptcy.

According to, orchestra president Allison Vulgamore said, “We actually have not marketed our concerts very well, and not spent sufficient funds on marketing.” The article continued to say that “Insufficient marketing is one of many elements causing the orchestra to come up short” and that “…organizations such as the orchestra tend to focus their marketing dollars on subscription sales because it’s more efficient, but they will have to change with consumer patterns.” (more…)

Harnessing the Spirit of Giving in Business

moneygiftThere’s a trend these days in corporate charitable giving, and it’s being led by the biggest of the big guys. Take Pepsi, Starbucks and Disney.

Pepsi’s Refresh Project is a social media/philanthropy hybrid that funds important initiatives from improving schools to building parks and playgrounds, and supporting new business ideas. In fact, in 2010, Pepsi gave up its Super Bowl ad and allowed small budding companies to advertise in its place. Pepsi defines the Refresh Project as “The New Pepsi Challenge.” In the process of helping causes through millions of dollars of donations, they attract millions of fans to their social media sites to vote on which projects get funded. Everyone wins. (more…)

Is Your Business Up With the Trends?

springwiseWe are religious readers of Springwise, which defines itself as “one of the world’s leading sources of new business ideas.”  Every week, they automatically send us blurbs about new business trends that have been identified by over 8,000 “spotters” worldwide. Recently, Springwise summed up its “Top 20 business ideas and opportunities for 2011.” There were some interesting findings. (more…)

Target Publics: What’s the Janitor’s Name?

my name isA while ago, we traveled to Oahu with a friend and client who is also a local college culinary arts professor. We were eating at a restaurant and as soon as the waitress approached, our client looked at the waitress’ name tag and addressed her by name. After Kara took our order, our client explained, “You know, I always put this question on my students’ test: what’s the name of the janitor who cleans here?” He said that students in the service industry need to understand that everyone in a restaurant is important, from the dishwasher to the chef, and should be recognized for making the business work. (more…)

Timing is (Almost) Everything

Timing is (Almost) Everything

One thing’s for sure, you realize how important timing is when it’s bad. Like when you have a nine-pound fully-cooked ham and you think it’ll only take 15 minutes to warm up until you realize the directions say 15 minutes per pound. Or when you buy a load of stock and the next day the price falls $10 per share and isn’t expected to recover for the next few years.  Well, it’s the same thing in PR. Timing is critical. (more…)

How to Get What You Want: Ask

How to Get What You Want: Ask

Do you know what the first rule is of getting what you want? Ask. Yes, that’s it. We have been intrigued over the years at how often nonprofits simply forget to ask for a donation. By the same token, prior to the recent election, many candidates whom we know, some very well, never asked directly for our vote. Whether it’s fundraising, political campaigning, or selling a product or service, you must connect with your potential donors, voters, or consumers and ask them to do what you want them to. The PR key is asking the right people in a gracious and effective way, at the right time. (more…)

Keep Your Current Customers

Keep Your Current Customers

We’ve all seen those promotions that companies use to try and attract new customers – gifts, cut rates, special offers, etc.  Those kinds of efforts are great and there is a place for recruiting new business, for sure. But what about your current customers, those folks that have stuck with you through all the economic ups and downs, those donors who give a little each year? They are your most valuable assets, and they deserve stewarding and attention. (more…)

Connect the Dots

blk_dots_white1_400x372We’ve just completed a round of holidays and most of us have spent a good amount of time with friends, family, and co-workers in the process of celebrating.  Though holiday get-togethers can sometimes be stressful, it’s important to recognize how very important they are.  “Psychology Today” recently reported that “In surveys to determine the factors that contribute most to human happiness, respondents consistently rate connection to friends and family-love, intimacy, social affiliation-above wealth or fame, even above physical health…Loneliness isn’t about being alone; it’s about not feeling connected.” (more…)

Top 3 Free PR Tips in Today’s Economy

Self-Storage-for-Business1We’ve found that while many are calling this a “challenging economy,” many businesses are making the best of the times.  So, if we all can put ourselves in the mindset that challenges are opportunities waiting to be unearthed, then here are three free PR tips for maximizing the times.

1)    Clean up and clear out.  Clutter is useless and takes up space that could be better used.  Having stacks of old things around is also unattractive.  Give your customers, your employees, and yourself more room to move around and a nice, organized space in which to work.  Be merciless about the clearing.  Donate items that you can no longer use to a nonprofit that might be able to use them.  Recycle what you can.  If there are things you absolutely cannot part with, organize them, label them, and put them in storage.  A cleaner, clearer workspace will make everyone feel better – your customers, your employees, and you, and it will symbolically provide the needed open space for useful, and perhaps moneymaking things and ideas. (more…)

Twitter Amazes Us Again…and even serves up a cup of cocoa.

hot-chocolateOk, so we’ve blogged about Twitter and its benefits a few times before But as we Tweet more and more, it’s amazing to see how Twitter has opened up a whole new meaning to communication, connectivity, and customer service.

First of all, Twitter gives you a one-degree separation between you and the people and businesses on Twitter. Move out of the way, Kevin Bacon, Twitter’s got you beat!  It’s so easy to Tweet your favorite celebrity, reporter, business, and so on. Of course you’ll need to do a little investigating (quick Google search) to make sure the user you’re tweeting is the “real” person or business you’re looking for (versus imposters). And, many times, they will reply back to you. We’ve tweeted to and received replies from Al Roker, KGMB9 News, Starbucks, Zippy’s, and Andy Bumatai, to name a few. So cool! We know it’s cheesy to be star struck, but we don’t care…we LOVE it!  As a frequent Starbucks drinker, I was thrilled and very impressed with the prompt response I got when I tweeted @Starbucks a question one day. In terms of brand loyalty, can you imagine how my original warm-and-fuzzy feelings for my favorite coffee stop got even warmer and fuzzier (and led to more visits and purchases)? (more…)