I was sickened and appalled by Entertainment Tonight publishing what they refer to as the “exclusive last photo” of Michael Jackson.  The graphic photo shows Jackson lying down with his eyes closed as paramedics worked on him. The photo appears to be taken through a window and leads one to speculate that it was taken when he was in the ambulance. Horrible! This is totally inappropriate and unethical reporting. There is no reason why anyone needed to see this photo, and especially no reason for Jackson, or any individual, to have their privacy and dignity violated in this way.  Today’s media has become increasingly aggressive and overbearing on the lives of public people. It’s just become too much.  Sure, there will be the audience member that wants more information, more gory details, more, more, more about every hot topic. But, the media has a responsibility to our community to put out quality information and to restrain themselves when appropriate.  We all need to consider the big picture.  These celebrities have families and the repercussions of pervasive reporting affects them as well.  No matter what anyone has to say about Jackson, good or bad, he has three children that will have this photo out there forever. Why? For what reason? Would any of us want to see our father or any relative or friend photographed in type of situation, on their deathbed? I condemn ET for such an unnecessary, cruel act, and strongly suggest that they remove the photo from their website and any future reporting.