Chili's LogoHey, Chili’s, we’ve always said that your Baby Back jingle was one of our all-time faves! So, we were ecstatic to hear that you’re bringing that catchy jingle back.

Yes, folks, according to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Chili’s Grill & Bar is firing up its ‘Baby Back’ ribs jingle, which has been on sabbatical since 2006, to help the 1,400-unit casual-dining chain drive traffic and introduce new burger and rib cooking techniques.”

Pairing a proven jingle to market a new cooking method is brilliant as it eases uncomfortable, uncertain feelings about change. We think this is a great move, and one that will keep Chili’s top-of-mind (Speaking from experience of having the song run over and over in my mind for days on end).

Looking forward to those commercials!