By Jenny Fujita and Joy K. Miura, Fujita & Miura Public Relations

The year is a endin’, you did all the PR you could,
Your budget was spent for high impact and a greater good.Promotions, press releases, newsletters, speeches,
You did everything but skywrite your logo over Kauai’s beaches.
2003 is approaching, but where do you start?
Square one? All over again? Is that very smart?
Evaluate your results: have your targets been hit,
With the key messages and strategies that you saw fit?
What worked and what didn’t will help you decide,
Things to repeat or tweak for the next high tide.
PR’s foundation of building relationships and reaching out,
To the right people in the right ways and times is the plan to tout.
Using the right recipe you’ll derive your ideal outcome,
Good tactics and messengers will make you number one.
Be proactive, honest, and strategic with flair,
Know your public and your goals, be creative and aware.
Take aim, be focused, don’t settle for less than your best,
You’ll be successful in `03 with aloha and zest.