For Sale: Christian Riso Fine Art & Framing

For Sale: Christian Riso Fine Art & Framing




























Christian Riso Fine Art & Framing, a highly-profitable art gallery business in Old Koloa Town near Po`ipu, Kaua`i, is now for sale.

If you love art, Kaua`i, people, and the freedom of business ownership, this opportunity is for you.

  • A thriving art gallery since 1994
  • The only framer on Kaua`i’s South Shore
  • Strong financials
  • Valuable inventory including copyrights
  • Longstanding lease agreement
  • Nestled in the heart of one of the most popular visitor destinations on Kaua`i and in Hawai`i
  • Surrounded by unique shops and restaurants on Koloa Road like Sueoka Store and Pizzetta
  • A captive audience and heavy foot traffic
  • Training and financing are available to the right buyer
  • Sale price: $240,000

For more information, contact Jenny Fujita and Joy Miura Koerte at or (808) 245-3677.

Great Move: Chili’s Brings Back “Baby Back” Jingle

Chili's LogoHey, Chili’s, we’ve always said that your Baby Back jingle was one of our all-time faves! So, we were ecstatic to hear that you’re bringing that catchy jingle back.

Yes, folks, according to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Chili’s Grill & Bar is firing up its ‘Baby Back’ ribs jingle, which has been on sabbatical since 2006, to help the 1,400-unit casual-dining chain drive traffic and introduce new burger and rib cooking techniques.”

Pairing a proven jingle to market a new cooking method is brilliant as it eases uncomfortable, uncertain feelings about change. We think this is a great move, and one that will keep Chili’s top-of-mind (Speaking from experience of having the song run over and over in my mind for days on end).

Looking forward to those commercials!

Pack to Fly: Kauai’s Local Delights to Take Home

Pono Market“Pack to Fly” is a term heard often in Kauai restaurants and stores, usually referring to the packaging of food being taken on an airplane.  Most times, this food will be presented as omiyage (o-mee-yah-gay), the Japanese tradition of gifts given to co-workers, family, and friends upon returning from a trip.  Omiyage has been adopted by Hawaii and Kauai locals and usually involves food.  Anyone can take on this custom by buying and giving locally-made favorites from the places that they visit.


FMPR Picks: Ad Jingles

FMPR Picks: Ad Jingles

Remember when you were in elementary school and your mom told you that the best way to memorize the planets (or any other list) was by making a song out of it?  Creative departments at ad agencies remember that lesson.  That’s why they make jingles.  But like all things, there are good jingles and bad ones.  Good being those that stick in your head, making you hum them all day long; that make you remember what the jingle is selling; and that might even make you feel so good about the product or service that you decide to buy it. What are our favorites?  (more…)