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We believe that all successes are owed to great relationships, so everything we do involves helping you build better relationships. We are Fujita & Miura Public Relations, a full service consulting firm located on Kauai, Hawaii and in the Greater Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.


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Too Late for Marriage?

One of our PR Fix Facebook friends asked for advice because she felt she was “too late for marriage,” yet didn’t want to remain single. We hope our response might be helpful to others as well. Here’s what we recommended: Dear Friend, There is... read more

The PR Fix for Kids: Everyday Conversation

We believe that one of the building blocks of fostering good relationships is being easy and comfortable with conversation in everyday social situations, such as at work, school, the drugstore, the gym, etc.  Having a friendly demeanor, grace and tact in everyday... read more

End Your Civil War

Given the choice, few people want to visit or live in a country in a state of civil war. Likewise, few people want to visit or be someone who is at war with themselves. When you’re facing internal battles you are just like a country in a state of civil war. You’re... read more