Jenny Fujita & Joy Miura-Koerte

We believe that all successes are owed to great relationships, so everything we do involves building better relationships for you. How? By making sure everyone benefits. We are Fujita & Miura Public Relations, a full service PR firm located on Kauai, Hawaii and in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.


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‘But’ Out, ‘And’ In

One PR Fix, or communication upgrade, that I learned at the beginning of my career, is to replace using the word “but” with “and” to soften unfavorable language.  While this has come in handy in business, it’s also been useful in my... read more

Family Hurricane Plan

I’ve been through two hurricanes in my lifetime.  The most recent was Hurricane Iniki, which was a category 4 storm that devastated our island of Kauai, Hawaii in 1992.  Every year when hurricane season starts in June with the arrival of El Nino or La Nina... read more

Tell the Truth – Nicely

There is always a way to graciously address any situation, no matter how uncomfortable. Plain and simple: ignoring the truth or being phony feeds into the discomfort of the most awkward situations and makes them worse. The trick is telling the truth nicely. This means... read more