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5 Ways to Invite Positivity into Your Life

“Be positive!” “Have a positive attitude.” We hear phrases and quotes all the time encouraging us to be more positive.  Deep down inside, we know that being positive is always better for our soul, actions and outcomes, but sometimes it’s very hard to keep an upbeat demeanor. I was recently asked, “How can I be positive when so many bad things are happening in my life?”  To which I answered that being positive doesn’t mean that you constantly have a huge, fake clown smile on your face or are bounding with enthusiasm when you don’t feel it in your heart. Rather, it means you have a genuine feeling of optimism and block as much negativity from your experiences as possible.  Heading in this direction invites positivity, in people, in conversation, in results and more, into your life. We’ve discussed before about how choosing positive language can enhance your everyday life.  Here are other ways to maintain a more positive disposition daily: Fix Your Feeds – We all have the social media friend who is constantly posting about some complaint or injustice they experienced.  You know, the one who posts about their dreadful job, bad weather, the incompetent fellow driver, etc.  Even though these thoughts and words are not created by you, exposure to them can subconsciously weigh on your mind and mood.  You may genuinely love and care for your friend, but you don’t have to receive this negativity.  You don’t have to unfriend them, rather just choose in your settings to block their posts from appearing in your social media feed. Stay Away from Gossip – The bottom... read more

Not Ready to Be a Franchisee? Consider our PR Consulting Toolkit

You may not be ready to become a franchisee but you still want to be a PR consultant.  Or maybe you don’t need the ongoing support that our franchisees receive but you would like the templates and information to start your own consulting firm.  Consider our PR Consulting Toolkit, a turnkey system to help you hit the ground running as a successful PR consultant today. Your PR Consulting Toolkit includes: Business policies, procedures and templates A “PR Manual” with over 100 pages of PR templates, explanations and examples An “Operations Manual” filled with business tips about how to start up, form a partnership, get clients, and more Access to ongoing webinars and blog posts Access to hundreds of tips in a completely searchable, interactive mentor blogsite Free link listing and discounted ad rates for our International Partners web page $500 referral incentive for executed PR Consulting Toolkit sales that you refer Three hours of private mentoring Email us today to inquire about our PR Consulting... read more

Build Your Default Relationships

There are relationships in life that happen by default, such as with  co-workers, stepchildren, in laws, college roommates, or the parent of your child’s BFF.  In these cases, you find yourself automatically connected to someone, who you may not have normally chosen to befriend, because of your relationship with your loved one or work. Default relationships are not to be underestimated. They could make or break your most important relationships. So, what if you don’t particularly get along with your default relationships?  You don’t have to be besties with these folks, but you do need to put time and effort into making these interactions easy going and comfortable. Why? Because your relationship with your spouse or child or status at work depend on it.  A peaceful family or workplace is a content one.  You never want your spouse to feel like he has to choose between his parents or you or his children from a previous marriage or you.  That’s not fair. Here are 5 ways to connect with your default relationships: Get to know them better.  Affinity for another is built on accurate understanding.  Chit chat with your default relationship whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Through everyday conversation, we learn about people’s past, notable experiences, and perspectives.  Share your daily happenings and life stories with them too.  Giving them the opportunity to get to know you is essential to moving forward positively. Check in regularly.  Take time to contact your default relationship, just to check in.  A call, email, text, or snail mail letter works equally well.  We all feel special when we receive a check-in from someone... read more